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Natco (Angola) Lda. is an international freight forwarding and logistics provider with a strong focus on Africa in particular Angola. Through us, our customers are given optimized and customized logistics solutions from one single source. Flexibility, fast reaction, reliability and a large experience in transportation & freight forwarding business are some of the key factors of our success. We put high importance on operational excellence and cost-effectiveness in our daily work to provide our clients with advantages solutions and added value.
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Natco (Angola) Lda. is an Angolan company with headquarters in Luanda. The company has acquired a rich experience of local logistics and customs clearance in Angola over the last decades.

At early days Natco was deeply committed to the trading business of Transorga Group, a Swiss based procurement organization, providing supply and procurement logistics for the mining industry. The services were rendered on a global level in collaboration with the sister companies established successively in the 80 and 90ies in Europe, Middle East, South America and Asia.

The company has evolved into a highly service-oriented logistics provider in Angola continually rendering specialized services to a variety of industries and to retail.

Since 2018 Natco Angola is certified to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. According to the requirements of this standard all the necessities for a quality management system are implemented.

Our top priority is serving our customers with operational excellence in logistics and transportation services. Our lean and efficient company structure enables us to adjust our way of working fast in order to meet with the customers' needs and requirements.

We are looking at a long term relationship with our customers for each single and project business and measure ourselves in terms of efficiency and performance at the criteria of customers' satisfaction.

The Natco (Angola) Lda. mission is to offer outstanding transportation and logistics services tailored to the customer's need. Freight forwarding, customs brokerage and ship agency are performed by teams of experts with proven track records. Our company is able to offer unique, seamless & competitive solutions.

Our aim is to always operate as a trustful and well reputed service provider with respect to the customers and own personal and other stakeholders of the industry by delivering what the customers expect from us.

Natco Angola is a company which is dedicated to provide services of customs brokerage, logistics and international transports. It is committed to carry out the operational activities in terms of the environment policy in a responsible way. Natco Angola strives for sustainable and long term development, and, at the same time, at complete satisfaction of the customers by offering best practice at best price. Natco Angola has implemented procedures by respecting the environment and with regards to the companys features and necessities. The environmental considerations, in conjunction with the appropriateness, openness and price, represent the main criteria in the decision making process which also substantiated the choice among different alternatives. Natco Angola is devoted to develop and implement constantly processes in order to preserve natural resources with the intention to reduce the environmental impact resulting from the companys activities. Natco undertakes the necessary action in order to reach the following goals:

- Stick to continuous improvements of the environmental requirement and pollution prevention.
- Fulfil the legal and environmental requisites which are in force.
- Optimize resources, primarily concerning recycled or recyclable materials.

The development of the environmental program requires constant commitment. With a view to promote and rise environmental awareness, the company has trained all staff and communicated the companys policy to the clients, business partners and suppliers.

It is Natco Angolas vision to guarantee innovation and operational excellence with significant global involvement where the company runs operations by following socio-environmental patterns to respond to the demand of the market and the societies.

Business ethics, Creativeness and innovation, High productivity and competitiveness, Socio-environmental accountability, Sustainable general welfare, Fostering professional education for staff.

Quality Policy
Natco Angola is highly committed to its companys quality policy and considers same as one of the highest priorities. Natco Angola continuously seeks for improvement of its services by analyzing risks and opportunities by taking into account operational excellence and satisfaction of customers and staff. The management is accountable to give the compulsory rules and to be an example by motivating the employees, stimulate collaboration, team spirit and confidence amongst the employees to assure commitment and sense of responsibility of each employee. Natco Angola commits itself to monitor and review periodically this policy.

Our Service

We offer customized international freight forwarding and logistics services on a global scale from any origin point up to any final delivery place. By coordinating traditional freight forwarding with customs clearance at departing and receiving ends, organizing the interfaces and transportation in all the logistics chain, we provide our clients with a true door-to-door service.

From transportation to possible storage of goods all the way to distribution and final delivery, we deliver to our customers efficient and professional services of:


Air, Sea,
Shipping, Trucking


Project Handling
& Others


Custom Clearance, Oilfield, Shipping Agency & Husbandry

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Industries we work for

Natco Angola and the ILS Group has handled a huge variety of forwarding projects of all sizes and throughout different industries. It is important to understand the different requirements which have to be considered within different markets respectively industries. Our experienced team offers value-added freight forwarding service within the below listed industries.

Oil & Gas



Consumer Goods
& Retail

& Defence




Our Network

Natco (Angola) Lda. is a fully independent company and therefore, has developed the best working relations with freight forwarding agents and customs brokers and maintaining an excellent network of reputed agents worldwide.We are member in a non-exclusive Global Network for Independent Freight Forwarders, Logistics Companies and Service Providers in the Transportation Industry. In a joint effort of the group we have developed an industry-leading approach on a global scale.